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Serves 4

August 2010

Vegetable taboule with shrimps and avocado


Photo of Vegetable taboule with shrimps and avocado

Preliminary Work


Melt the butter in the Durotherm, add the onion and steam until glazed. Add the carrots, leek and chilli and continue steaming for 2 minutes at a medium heat.

Quench with the vegetable broth, bring to the boil, add the couscous, cover and place the Durotherm in the insulating ring for 10 minutes as soon as steam rises.

While waiting, season the shrimps with salt and pepper from the mill, braise until glazed in the hot olive oil and place on kitchen paper to remove any oil.

Cut the avocado in half, remove the stone, and separate the fruit flesh from the skin using a spoon.

Loosen the couscous with a fork, season to taste with the white balsamic vinegar and salt and pepper from the mill and garnish with parsley and peppermint strips.

Place the avocado on a plate in the skin, fill with the vegetable taboule and garnish with the shrimps.

This recipe is credited to Rudolf Lehmann Kuhn Rikon AG