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Serves 4

May 2011

Risotto with asparagus, morels and Sbrinz cheese


Photo of Risotto with asparagus, morels and Sbrinz cheese


Melt 10 g of butter in the DUROTHERM casserole. Add the morels, garlic and shallot, then sweat on medium heat without colouring. Then add the risotto rice and sweat further, quench with 100 ml of wine and bring to boiling point. Top up with the vegetable stock, bring to the boil, season with freshly milled salt and pepper, cover and allow to simmer for five minutes on the hob. Now add the bay leaf and the asparagus, cover, increase heat and, as soon as you see steam rising, take the DUROTHERM casserole off the hob and place in the heat retaining base for twenty minutes of soft cooking.

Once cooking is complete, stir in the chopped herbs, the remaining butter and season to taste with freshly milled salt and pepper.

Shortly before serving, carefully mix in the Sbrinz cheese.


Instead of morels you could also use yellow boletus mushrooms.

This recipe is credited to Christian Nickl Restaurant Rigiblick