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Serves 4

December 2010

Pan-seared veal liver saltimbocca scented with cinnamon


Photo of Pan-seared veal liver saltimbocca scented with cinnamon

Preliminary Work


Slowly heat up the cooking butter with the cinnamon sticks in your Kuhn Rikon frying pan and slowly braise for approx. 1 minute so that the aroma of the cinnamon can develop.

Now brown the veal liver both sides in the hot butter, and finally cook to the desired stage at a medium heat and season to taste with salt and pepper from the mill. Add the cinnamon butter, and allow to start to foam at a medium heat, basting the veal liver several times using a spoon.

Serve the pink-roasted veal livers immediately, pouring the cinnamon butter over them, and garnishing with the cinnamon sticks .


Serve with the grape risotto from the Hotpan cookbook from Kuhn Rikon. Use chicken or veal instead of the veal liver.

This recipe is credited to Rudolf Lehmann Kuhn Rikon AG