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Serves 4

January 2011

Chocolate mouse


Photo of Chocolate mouse mousedecoration

Preliminary Work


Fill a smaller casserole to 1/3 with water and bring to the boil. Place the stainless steel bowl containing the chocolate over it and allow the chocolate to slowly melt.

In the meantime, beat the egg and the sugar in another bowl until foamy. Then stir the slightly cooled, liquid chocolate under the foamy egg-and-sugar mixture. Then carefully draw the whipped cream under it using a rubber scraper.

Wash out the mouse molds with cold water, and dry with kitchen paper. Distribute the chocolate mixture into the four mouse molds, smooth the surface with the smoothing spatula, and cover and place in the deep-freeze overnight. You can eat any remaining mixture.

Carefully remove the chocolate mice from the molds (briefly rinse the back of the molds with hot water, and loosen slightly with a knife), arrange on a plate, and complete with the mini sugar balls, the liquorice strings and the sliced almonds. Decorate with the colored mini sugar balls. You can eat the chocolate mouse as an ice cream, or wait until the mixture has thawed out after being taken from the mold. In this way, you will obtain a delicious chocolate mousse.

This recipe is credited to Kuhn Rikon AG