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Serves 4

January 2011

Hamburger with potato hearts in a yoghurt sauce


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Preliminary Work


Yoghurt sauce
Mix the finely cut chives with the yoghurt. Add lemon juice and salt and pepper from the mill to taste, and place aside.

Potato hearts
Stir the eggs together well using the whisk, and then add all the other ingredients (except the flour) and mix.Then add the flour and work into a mixture.

Rub a 28-cm diameter, coated frying pan with butter paper, add a 3-4 cm layer of potato mixture and fry at a low heat until golden-brown on both sides. Then remove the mixture from the pan and allow to cool down on a cooling rack. We need a total of four potato cakes. Then cut out three pieces per person using the heartshaped cookie cutter.

Fry the hamburger in a frying pan with a little oil, turning from time to time with the crocodile jaws. In the meantime, wash the tomato and the cucumber, and slice them. Warm up the potato hearts in the oven, place them on the plate, and arrange to form a pretty shape with the hamburger, mixed salad and the other ingredients, and apply the finishing touch with yoghurt sauce.

This recipe is credited to Kuhn Rikon AG