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Serves 4

January 2011

Sausage and potato dragon


Photo of Sausage and potato dragon

Preliminary Work


Boil the potato cubes in salt water until soft, and then pour away the water. Allow the potatoes to steam for a short while, and then press them through a potato press. Add the hot milk with the butter. Mash into a smooth puree using the bird scoop. Season with salt and pepper from the mill and nutmeg.

Put a little peanut oil into the frying pan, add the sausages, and slowly fry at a medium temperature until golden-brown on both sides. Turn from time to time using the crocodile jaws.

In the meantime, wash and quarter the apple, remove the core and cut into thin strips.

Cut one sausage into 8 thin slices (for the eyes) and then keep warm with the other sausages. Arrange 5 sausages in parallel, one behind the other, on a plate. Fill the potato puree into a piping bag with a star-shaped nozzle, and apply along the sausages to resemble a dragon. Stick two of the sausage slices into the puree as its eyes, and two chive blades as its whiskers.

To finish off, press the apple slices into the puree along the back as dorsal fins.

This recipe is credited to Kuhn Rikon AG